Passengers can easily walk throughout our three concourses without having to go back through security by using the terminal connectors. Each of the connectors has a moving walkway for ease of movement.

While Memphis International Airport is one of the fastest connection airports in the country, we strongly recommend you leave plenty of time between your connecting flights. This additional time will give you the opportunity to relax and enjoy Memphis International Airport’s many Memphis-centric shops, restaurants and amenities.

Connection FAQs

Do I need to collect my baggage at Memphis International?
Your baggage should be checked through to your final destination, but please confirm this when you check-in at your first flight. In the event you do need to pick up your baggage, follow signs for baggage claim and collect your luggage. You will then need to check your bags in as normal for the next leg of your journey.

Where do I get my boarding pass?
Usually you will have been issued all necessary boarding pass at your original point of departure, however, if this is not the case, talk to the airline representative at your departure gate.

How do I find my gate number?
When you disembark the plane upon arriving in Memphis, check the departure information screens. Gate numbers and departure times will be displayed on these screens for Delta flights. Additional flight updates will be announced over the loud speaker.

What should I do if my flight to Memphis is delayed?
If you are delayed prior to boarding the plane and are likely to miss your onward flight, talk to the airline representatives at the gate to see what your options are for a later flight out of Memphis.

If you are delayed after boarding the plane in your originating airport and miss your connecting flight, talk to the airline representatives at the gate as you leave the plane and they will be able to assist you.

Where are your baby change facilities?
Each of our restrooms offer baby change facilities.

Who can I ask for help?
Memphis International Airport has a volunteer customer service group called the Blue Suede Service. The Blue Suede Service volunteers can be identified by their white shirts and khaki trousers. They are carrying a clipboard, and wear a blue vest with the Blue Suede Service logo. They will be able to assist you with finding food locations, and help with answers to questions regarding your business needs while in our airport. Our volunteers can connect you to our Language Line translation service which offers access to interpreters in more than 140 languages.