Checking In

Everything you need to know about checking in at Memphis International Airport when to arrive, where to go, self-service kiosks, how to check-in before arriving at the airport.

How early to arrive?
As a general guide you should allow:

  • At least 90 minutes before a scheduled flight departure within the U.S.
  • Two hours before a scheduled international flight.

You should check the instructions on your ticket and from your travel agent or booking Web site. If you are still unsure, call the airline directly.

Where to go?
What concourse you need to check-in at depends on which airline you are flying. Take a look at our airport map so you know where you need to go.

Concourse A
Southwest Airlines
Allegiant Air

Concourse B
Delta Air Lines

Concourse C
Frontier Airlines
US Airways

Before Check-in
To help speed up the check-in process make sure you have your tickets and photo ID ready before you move to the front of the check-in desk. There are limits on the size and number of bag(s) you can take as carry-on. To avoid delays in checking-in, please make sure your carry-on fits the requirements.

Please remember to leave your checked bags unlocked or use one of the Transportation Security Administration approved locks. Once you have checked your luggage, you can proceed to security. We recommend clearing security early and allowing yourself plenty of time to relax and enjoy the Memphis-themed shops, bars, and restaurants before your flight.

Self-service Check-in
Depending on what airline you are flying, you can check-in for your flight at one of the self-service kiosks. These kiosks offer a quick, easy and safe alternative to traditional check-in desks. You will need to identify yourself by swiping a major credit card, frequent flyer card or a driver's license / passport with a magnetic stripe. Once you have identified yourself, you can use the computer kiosk to choose your seat and print your boarding card. You will then take your baggage to the bag-drop facility.

Please keep your bags close by and take care of credit cards, passports and other important documents when using the kiosks. Airline staff will be on hand if you need assistance.

At Memphis International Airport, the following airlines have self-service kiosks: American, Delta Air Lines, Southwest Airlines, United and US Airways.

Check-in Online Before Arriving at the Airport
You can make your check-in experience even easier by printing your boarding pass at home or the office up to 24 hours before coming to the Airport. All you will have to do upon arrival at Memphis International Airport is drop your checked bags off at the designated bag drop for your airline.

Not all airlines allow online check-in, so please check to see if your airline offers this service.

Curbside Check-in
For passengers not wishing to wait in line at check-in, several airlines offer curbside check-in outside the concourse. Airlines offering curbside service: Delta Air Lines and United. A fee may be charged for this service.

There is plenty to do once you have passed through security. Please keep an eye on the departure boards. Typically boarding starts for domestic flights at least 30 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time and 45 minutes for international flights.