Cell Phone Lot

The cell phone lot is a free waiting area, located less than a minute’s drive from the Airport Terminal where you can safely and conveniently wait for an “I’m ready for pick up” call from your party once they have deplaned, collected their baggage and are standing at the curbside.

How it works

  1. Pull into the cell phone lot.
  2. Once your friend / family member has landed, make contact via cell phone.
  3. Once your friend / family member has collected bags, he / she makes the “I’m ready for pick up” call.
  4. You leave the cell phone lot and pick them up outside baggage claim.

Using the Cell Phone lot:

  • Avoids circling in traffic, dealing with curbside restrictions, or paying parking fees.
  • Saves money on fuel.
  • Reduces congestion in front of baggage claim.